Invest in China: Exploring Beijing's "Two Zones"


This year marks the third year of construction for the Beijing’s “Two Zones”. Since Chinese President Xi announced support for the development of a national integrated demonstration zone for greater openness in the services sector and the establishment of a pilot free trade zone characterized by scientific and technological innovation, openness in the services sector, and the digital economy at the opening ceremony of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), Beijing has been actively constructing these “Two Zones”. The city is committed to building a world-class business environment governed by the rule of law and creating better conditions conducive to the development of domestic and foreign businesses in Beijing. In this article, we will explore the reasons for considering the Beijing’s “Two Zones" as an investment destination.

Economic Growth

Beijing is one of China's leading economic hubs, offering access to a vast and growing consumer market. It is home to a diverse range of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more, presenting numerous investment opportunities. Investing in Beijing's two key zones provides access to a dynamic and evolving business landscape within one of the world's most significant economies.

Notably, from 2020 to the first half of 2023, Beijing attracted foreign investments amounting to USD 55.14 billion, representing 9% of the national total. Among these investments, the service industry accounted for 97% of Beijing's total foreign capital, further highlighting the unique characteristics of its open economy.

Global Connectivity

Beijing, not only the capital of China but also a major international hub. It hosts embassies, international organizations. Its diverse business community, with a strong presence of both domestic and international companies, fosters international exchange and collaboration. Beijing's global presence and diversity create an environment conducive to investors looking to establish and grow their ventures in a cosmopolitan setting.

Policy Incentives

The Beijing FTZ is designed to encourage foreign investment and business development by providing a favorable regulatory environment. Investors can benefit from policies like "instant approval following registration" for high-tech enterprises and preferential tax treatment for technology transfers, among many other advantageous policies.

Trade Facilitation

The FTZ offers modern infrastructure and streamlined customs procedures to facilitate the import and export of goods. It supports cross-border e-commerce, trade finance, and logistics.

Green initiatives

The FTZ prioritizes environmentally responsible trade practices, urging businesses to adopt sustainable methods, especially in logistics and transportation. It actively promotes green finance, encouraging financial institutions to back eco-friendly projects, including renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. It establishes a green exchange, enhances the green financial standards system, and raises the level of carbon trading. In 2023, the ESG Research Institute was founded, promoting sustainable development through green initiatives.

Innovation and talent pool:

Beijing boasts a substantial and exceptionally educated workforce, a pivotal asset for companies aiming to expand and drive innovation. This rich human capital makes Beijing a dynamic center for innovation, research, and technological advancement. It opens doors for collaboration with leading innovators and renowned institutions across a spectrum of high-tech sectors.

Support Services

Both zones offer support services to facilitate investment, including assistance with administrative procedures, market research, and guidance on regulatory compliance.



Invest in the Beijing ‘s “Two Zones” presents a unique opportunity to tap into China's thriving economy, innovation landscape, and research capabilities. The zones offer a supportive and dynamic environment that encourages growth and collaboration, making them attractive destinations for both domestic and foreign investors. If you are considering investing in China and setting up a company, especially in Beijing's "Two Zones," please contact D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel so we can provide professional guidance and legal support throughout the investment process. 


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